About ArtValuePrints

ArtValuePrints specializes in (Vintage) Art Prints, Lithographs, Exhibition Posters and other Works on Paper.

The main company Colonia-Art started as a webshop for a wide range of Paintings, Works on paper, Photographs, Sculptures and Applied Arts from our own stock.

Then we also attracted external artists. They can register as artists and add their own artworks through an exclusive artist environment.

We continued to innovate. We made our entry into the world of digital art and offered a selection of collections as NFTs on the blockchain, which for the first timeallowed proof of ownership of digital artworks.

By now, our collections of Lithographs, Vintage Prints, Fine Art Prints, Serigraphs and other Works on Paper had grown so much that a separate brand was the next logical step - this resulted in the creation of ArtValuePrints.

This allows us to present our valued customers with affordable and unique art prints and posters.

We hope you enjoy your time in our shop and find that beautiful art print you were looking for.

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